The Work

The work is loosely grouped into six main categories, though the ideas, themes and processes can clearly be seen to link through them.

  • Photos and sequencesPhotographs and sequences are images and narrative sequences.
  • PhotosculpturesPhotosculptures are structures that incorporate or are made up of photographic imagery to create  three-dimensional photographs.
  • PhotopuzzlesPhotopuzzles are three-dimensional games – sculptures to play with
  • Gallery installationsGallery installations are works commissioned by contemporary art galleries and usually developed in the gallery space throughout the period of the exhibition
  • PhotosculpturesPublic works are pieces carried out in a range of public venues, including poster hoardings, shopping centres and outdoor spaces.
  • Current workCurrent work is a changing selection of new ideas and work in progress.

The Artist

Peter Banks is an artist and photographer. He explores the potential of photographic imagery to make us question what we see and how we see it. He is interested in the ambiguity of photographs, which are generally seen as reliable evidence of reality (even in a digital age) but which can also be used to alter or heighten our interpretation of reality. He aims to create the shock, the surprise, the new way of seeing something that opens up new possibilities of how we might think about it.

He uses life-size photographic prints to both cover and reveal their subjects – masking or boxing something in by its own image. He enjoys the ambiguity of photographic space and his work creates tensions between real form and space and a two-dimensional illusion of them. He is interested the relationship between what a photograph is and what it represents. What can be done to a photograph as well as what can be done in it.

He explores the idea of photos as the trace that people leave behind them and how photos can punch a hole through a current situation to reveal something of its past. He is intrigued by analysing the ordinary – isolating, ordering, framing, extracting – as a way of understanding and affecting the interpretation of its meaning – like a forensic approach to a crime scene.

He believes that how and where you see things affects their meaning and he is keen to explore these possibilities and to access a wider public by developing and showing his work not just in conventional galleries, but also in a range of different public settings.

Peter Banks has exhibited widely in the UK and elsewhere at venues including:

AIR Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Riverside Studios, Whitechapel Gallery in London; Whitworth Gallery, Peterloo Gallery in Manchester; Impressions Gallery in York; Midland Group in Nottingham; National Museum of Photography, Film And TV in Bradford, ARE in Belfast.

His work has also been displayed at a wide range of public venues, including shopping centres, railway stations, town centres, poster hoardings and derelict buildings.

He has received financial support from Arts Council, major galleries and commercial sponsors, as well as working to private commissions. His work has been featured in national press and specialist art and design journals.

The Website

The purpose of the site is to act as a showcase for the work and the ideas that underpin it. It is in part an extension of the desire to create access to new publics and new situations in which to show the work in the same way that the public works have attempted to do. The process of adapting the images to the web is interesting. Clearly some things are lost, but others are gained and some pieces achieve a new potency by re-interpreting or re-creating them for on-line viewing.

As new work is developed it is displayed, as are the working processes that underpin it. These processes are often at least as important as the finished piece. For this reason many of the works featured are also accompanied by information on how they were made and how they evolved during production.

The purpose of the site is not to sell the work, at least not in a literal sense. In fact the majority of the work in Gallery installations and Public works no longer exists, other than as a photographic record. It was conceived and realised for a particular location at a particular time and was taken apart and destroyed at the end of that time.

Proposals for new installations, venues and commissions are always welcomed, as are your observations on the work displayed on the site – see Contact below




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