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Intriguing, thought-provoking, very rewarding piece of work.  It not only had me remembering shared memories with Sue, Bob and friends but inevitably has me thinking about my own house and its place in my own family’s history.

It has made me think of the rooms in our house in a completely different way and the ebb and flow of characters who have visited, stayed, played, lived and loved and laughed. And who is yet to come……Lovely work Peter.

Remarkable – brought back so many memories.  Houses need people to create the stories – to be more than just a building. Beautiful and warm.

Wonderful to visit your house and listen to your narration. An emotive experience that has reinforced my own belief in the power of friendship.  Thank-you for inviting me.

My first experience of anything like this and my first visit to Sue’s house.  Thank-you for making it part of my life’s memories! Simply stunning, you’re a true master of art! Congrats ( a new fan)

I have found this immensely moving.  It highlights the importance of taking time to step back and reflect and how we don’t do this enough.  Yes so much is all about the people and how we know so little about what goes on behind closed doors.

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