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Open House – process

There are three alternative ways of seeing the work. The idea in the making process was to keep them in balance so that no single one predominated.

  • As a miniature house, with the images acting as giant wallpaper attached to the inside of the walls. The more the sides are folded inwards, the more the figures come together in their respective rooms and the more the images of the face join up. When the house is completely closed we know that everything is in its correct place, though we can no longer see inside.
  • As a folding triptych painting in shallow relief. The structure forms a shaped frame for the images. The subject is located behind, peering through a gap from another world. The artist is/was located in the same place as the viewer.
  • As a three-part, faceted mirror. The figures are transparent. There is no artist and no other world. The image is a reflection of someone looking at the house from in front of it – in exactly the same place as the viewer –  but no longer present.

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